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On Sale: 20% Off At Target

Target 200x200

Once upon a time Target proclaimed to have the “greatest toy sale on Earth”. These days things are a bit less hyperbolic.

Kicking off today is a regular 20% off LEGO (and a range of other toys). The offer is available both online and in-store until July 15th.

You can check out Target’s range here.

Myer 2020 Toy Sale – All The LEGO Deals


Myer have finally revealed the details of their mid-year to sale – by starting it immediately without any prior warning. The sale runs until July 19th.

They have a number of larger sets at reduced prices including usually excluded Creator Expert and Ideas sets. Unfortunately it looks like some of these are already out of stock (sorry everybody).

There is also 20% of City and Duplo, while Friends gets 25% off.

You can check out the catalogue here, or this page should feature the LEGO deals. I’ve included a table of the discounts below.

Big W Toy Sale 2020 – All The LEGO Deals

I think Big W are the only retailer that still go to a lot of effort for a big mid-year toy sale. Despite all of the challenges that 2020 has presented, this year’s sale is still going ahead.


With the catalogue now officially available I’ve collated all of the LEGO deals so you can see what is worth getting and what’s worth leaving on the shelf.

The Big W toy sale kicks off online on June 16th and in-store on June 18th. The sale runs until July 15th so you’ve got plenty of time.

Check out the catalogue for yourself here and see all the details in the table below. Please note that discount and discount percentage are based off RRP and not regular Big W pricing. There are a lot of sets included so you may want to use the search function on the table to find what you are after.

2019 Toy Sales: All The Deals From Myer

Toy Sale Retailer Myer

Myer’s 2019 Toy Sale catalogue is out and to be honest it is incredibly underwhelming.

On offer is 20% off City, Friends and Duplo. Which is somehow narrower than the sales they regularly have. One area where I will give credit to Myer is they have some fantastic prices on The LEGO Movie 2 sets.

There are also numerous sets featured in the catalogue. When you filter out the ones that are RRP that list is not very long at all. You can see it below.

The sale runs from tomorrow (June 18th) until Sunday July 21st.

You can find the catalogue here if you’d like to check it out.

Myer is advertising a price match policy but even that is not as good as Big W’s price beat policy.

Set #
RRP Disc
Disc %
60198Cargo TrainCity$239.99$299.99$6020%
60215Fire StationCity$79.99$99.99$2020%
60197Passenger TrainCity$159.99$199.99$4020%
60214Burger Bar Fire RescueCity$47.99$59.99$1220%
60213Dock Side FireCity$20.00$22.99$2.9913%
10901Fire TruckDuplo$20.00$29.99$9.9933%
10903Fire StationDuplo$63.99$79.99$1620%
10875Cargo TrainDuplo$143.99$179.99$3620%
41364Stephanie's Buggy & TrailerFriends$23.99$29.99$620%
41366Olivia's Cupcake CaféFriends$39.99$49.99$1020%
41347Heartlake City ResortFriends$127.99$159.99$3220%
10262James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5Creator Expert$199.00$209.99$10.995%
10261Roller CoasterCreator Expert$449.00$499.99$50.9910%
10260Downtown DinerCreator Expert$199.00$249.99$50.9920%
70828Pop-Up Party BusThe Lego Movie 2$79.99$139.99$6043%
70830Sweet Mayhem's Systar Starship!The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part$59.99$99.99$4040%
70831Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket!The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part$49.99$89.99$4044%
70840Welcome to Apocalypseburg!The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part$449.00$499.99$50.9910%

Big W Toy Sale Online Now

Toy Sale Retailer Big W

It doesn’t start in-store for a few days yet but the Big W toy sale is now live online.

You can head over to the Big W website to check out the range, or view my write-up here.

2019 Toy Sales – All The Deals From Big W

Toy Sale Retailer Big W

Period: June 20 – July 10 2019

View catalogue (online only items here).

Big W have released an online first look at their 2019 Toy Sale catalogue and I’ve gone through it all to round up the LEGO offerings. There doesn’t seem to be any must-buy exclusive this year but a range of discounts across a variety of themes.

They are also advertising a range of online only sets. These are marked with ^ in the list and can only be ordered online for home delivery.

Once again in 2019 Big W is doing a 10% price beat offer. If you find a lower advertised price on a product Big W will beat it by 10%. Based on a quick look at some of the prices there may be some options here. I will check this out closer to the sale start date.

You can view the full list of sale sets below. The table is searchable and sortable.

Note that these lists are always based on RRP rather than Big W’s regular pricing. The discounts may be different from what the catalogue says.

2018 Toy Sales – All The Deals From Myer

Toy Sale Retailer Myer

Period: June 19 – July 22 2018

Big Ticket Items: Downtown Diner, Assembly Square, Taj Mahal, Ship in a Bottle, Saturn V

Christmas Lay-by: Unknown

View catalogue

My have released details of their 2018 Toy Sale and in general it can probably be summed up by saying that it’s all the stuff they’d been excluding from their previous sales.

There are three Creator Experts sets; Downtown Diner for $199.99, Assembly Square for $349.95 and Taj Mahal for $449.95. There is also three Ideas sets; Saturn V for $149, Ship in a Bottle for $99.99 and Old Fishing Store for $219.95.

As well as the items featured in the catalogue there are a few theme offers:

  • 20% off LEGO City
  • 20% off Star Wars
  • 20% off Duplo
  • 20% off Friends
  • 20% off Jurassic World

You can see the list of sets in the catalogue below.

Myer Toy Sale Updates

Myer Toy Sale 2014 Logo

The Myer Toy Sale has kicked off in-store today, and we have heard reports that a lot of stock is flying off the shelves. Online stock levels seem to be a little better but we suspect that a lot of the larger exclusive sets will not last until the weekend, let alone until the end of the sale.

In the interests of making sure our readers don’t miss out on a deal, we thought we would provide a quick update.

The Extra 10% Off

There have been reports that some buyers have been able to get the extra 10% off, even though this is supposed to exclude LEGO. We suggest that Myer One members take along a copy of the voucher with them, and try for the extra discount. Be prepared for the extra discount to be denied, but you never know what will happen. Remember that retail staff are just following instructions, so don’t get mad at them if they won’t apply the discount; after all the voucher does exclude LEGO.

Stock Levels

We have heard multiple reports that stock is selling out quickly, particularly the larger exclusive sets.

  • The Simpsons House – Sold out online, and we have received reports that most stores only received a few of these. We suggest calling your store in advance. Sold out online.
  • The Sea Cow – Again, limited stock of this one in-store. Still available online.
  • Parisian Restaurant – Limited stock in-store. Still available online.
  • Sydney Opera House – There seems to be better stock levels of this in-stores. Still available online.


We suspect that a lot of the larger sets will sell out before the end of the sale. We have had another look at the products that may be worth buying from Amazon if you can’t get them from Myer. The Millennium Falcon is actually cheaper from Amazon than from Myer.

Sale Price
Amazon Price
Price Difference At Amazon
71006 The Simpsons House$259.00$262.87 Link~ $5 More
10243 Creator Parisian Restaurant$199.99$208.47 Link~ $10 More
7965 Millennium Falcon$199.00$180.87 Link~ $15 Less

Pre-Christmas Toy Sale At Target – 20% Off LEGO

Target 20 Percent Off

The pre-Christmas Toy Sales just keep on coming! Target is joining in on the fun with 20% off LEGO from Thursday 14th November 2013 until Wednesday 20th November 2013.

There are also a heap of other sets with slightly higher discounts, so be sure to check out the catalogue!

Check out the catalogue here

Target Toy Sale – VIP Night Tuesday 25th at 6PM

Target Toy Sale 2013

Once again Target is going to be opening stores at 6PM for a special VIP shopping night. It appears that the VIP night is actually open to everybody, so be sure to check the hours for your local store. It is possible that certain sets may get snapped up during this event, so if you are holding out for an Arkham Asylum or R2-D2 set it may be worth a visit. For more of the target deals be sure to check out our summary of all the LEGO deals