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75059 Sandcrawler Spotted At Big W

We have just received some more news from our Sandcrawler tipster Colin that we thought we would share.

Big W stores may already have stock - We were sent this picture of the Sandcrawler in stock at Big W Campbelltown

Sandcrawler Spotted At Big W

Stock is likely to be limited - We were told that the Campbelltown store received just four of these sets in total.

They are scanning at $398 – Even though the catalogue they appear in doesn’t start until the 30th, the sets are already scanning at the price of $398. It’s possible that this is Big W’s regular price for the set.

If you are interested in grabbing one of these sets it may be a good idea to call your local Big W and see if they have them already. If other stores received similar stock allocations then this could be hard to track down once the catalogue comes out.

Australian Price For 75060 UCS Slave I

75060 UCS Slave I Price

As pointed out by Al in the comments of our last Slave I article, the Australian price for 75060 has been released.

According to the Australian online LEGO store the local price is $299.99

That is actually better than some people were expecting. After factoring in exchange rates and tax, the converted US price is $249.89. This means that Australian’s are paying a modest 20% markup; which is quite low for a licensed set.

Hopefully this set will show up in retail stores next year.

75060 UCS Slave I Officially Announced

We have known about this set for over a month now, but LEGO has finally made it official.

75060 Slave I Box

This 1,996 piece set will available to purchase directly from LEGO in January 2015.

75060 Slave I Minifigures

With 4 minifigures plus Han Solo in carbonite, the set will retail for $199.99 US. With the recent drop in the Australian dollar we are not looking forward to seeing local pricing. When we do get an Australian price we will update the article.

75060 UCS Slave I Img01

Check out the official details and designer video below

Sneak Peak of 75060 UCS Slave I

We don’t have an official press release yet, but several images of the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series set – 75060 Slave I – have surfaced in a YouTube video by a user named just2good.

75060 UCS Slave I Img01

We will update the article when we have more information, but in the meantime check out all of the pictures in the video below.

If the video above does not load, click here for the direct link

75059 LEGO Sandcrawler™ Now Available

LEGO Star Wars 75059 Now AvailableTo coincide with May The 4th promo, LEGO has officially released the Ultimate Collector’s Series 75059 Sandcrawler set. The set will cost Australians $449.99.


LEGO 75059 Sandcrawler™ Priced For Australia

75059-1 Sandcrawler Box

The latest LEGO Star Wars UCS model, 75059 Sandcrawler™ has finally got an Australian price.

You will be able to pick up this set from the 28th of April for $449.99

The mark-up on this set is actually not as bad as we initially predicted. Of course we will still be keeping an eye out for international deals.

When the set is released you’ll be able to pick it up from here 

LEGO 75059 Sandcrawler™ Unveiled

75059-1 Sandcrawler

The latest large scale Star Wars model has just been unveiled by LEGO. This huge re-creation of the famous Sandcrawler looks great.

The set features 3,296 Pieces and comes with 7 minifigures including Luke Skywalker, Uncle Owen, C-3PO and of course R2-D2.

There is currently no Australian pricing but the set is scheduled for release in May this year. With a US price of $299.99 don’t expect this set to be cheap in Australia.

Check out the design video and some more images below