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Haunted House Now Available For VIPs

If you’ve got a LEGO VIP account then you can head over to LEGO.com now and get the Haunted House. The set will  you $349.99 here in Australia. Who’s getting one?


You can find the product page here. [affiliate link]

Wooden Minifigure Now Available For VIPs

While I had mixed feelings on the Wooden Minifugre I wouldn’t be surprised at all to discover that there are people out there looking to get one.


If you are keen on it then you will be pleased to know that it’s now available for VIPs.

Head over to LEGO.com and sign in to your VIP account to get yours. [affiliate link]

Gingerbread House & Imperial Star Destroyer Available For VIPs

Today is the official VIP release date of these two sets.

10267 Gingerbread House

This year’s Christmas Creator Expert set can be found here. [affiliate link]


75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

Star Wars more your style? The new UCS Imperial Star Destroyer is already on back order but if you do so now, you’ll get double VIP points. You can back order yours here. [affiliate link]


10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Now Available For VIPs

If you have a LEGO VIP account and a desire to buy yourself a LEGO Harley-Davidson then today is your lucky day.

This gorgeous Creator Expert is now available for VIPs.


You can get yours here.

T. Rex Rampage Now Available For VIPs

I know that this set was very polarising but if you happen to be one of the people who love the look of it then you may be interested to know that it’s available now for VIPs.


To order this set head here and make sure you are logged in to your VIP account. It’ll set you back $399.99 here in Australia.

Hopefully stock doesn’t go too quickly.

Let me know in the comments if you are grabbing one of these.

10261 Roller Coaster VIP Launch Update

It’s 10:14 PM AEST and after hours of issues I was just able to add a 10261 Roller Coaster to my shopping bag at LEGO Online. I’m not actually buying it but have been checking all night to see when the issues would be resolved. You can go and grab yours here.

Roller Coaster Available 16052018

If you haven’t been following along the day went like this; we all refreshed the site like crazy all day hoping it would become available, when it finally did it almost instantly changed to say it was “not available in your country”. Hours after that a message saying they were aware of the issues popped up (it’s still there). Finally though it seems it’s now available.

10258 London Bus Now Available For VIPs

Whether you are a fan of all things British, or just a collector of the large Creator Expert vehicles you will be pleased to hear that 10258 London Bus is now available for LEGO VIP members.

To purchase your set sign in to your account and head to  https://shop.lego.com/en-AU/London-Bus-10258

10258 London Bus VIP Now Available

Do you plan on picking up this set? Let me know in the comments.

21137 The Mountain Cave Now Available For VIPs

Minecraft fans get your credit cards ready, because the massive 21137 The Mountain Cave set is now available for VIPs.

At $399.99 the set features 2 minifigures and 13 mobs. With 2863 pieces this set is the biggest Minecraft set to date.

21137 The Mountain Cave VIP

Will you be picking it up? Let me know in the comments.

You’ll need to be signed in to your VIP account to add this to your cart.

71042 Silent Mary Now Available For VIPs

The latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie may not be out yet, but if you already love the look of the Silent Mary you’ll be pleased to know it is now available for VIPs.

This 2294 piece set will set you back $349.99. You’ll need to be signed in to your VIP account to add this to your bag.

Silent Mary VIP

You can view the set here.

Also available are the Pirates BrickHeadz – Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Armando Salazar.

Pirates BrickHeadz

71040 Disney Castle Now Available For VIPs

71040 Available Now

If you are an impatient Disney fan then today is a good day. The highly anticipated 71040 The Disney Castle set is now available for LEGO VIP customers.

For $499.99 the set can be on it’s way to your door. Head over to the store and log in to your VIP account to grab one.

Who’s ordering this set today?

Via http://shop.lego.com/en-AU/The-Disney-Castle-71040?fromListing=listing